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 Am I tied into a contract or minimum period?

No. We do not force customers into contracts. You are free to cancel your hosting accounts at any time, without any cancellation fees. If you cancel your account within 30 days from signup, you are entitled to receive a full refund....

 What Folder do I put my website files into in cPanel?

The "public_html" folder is linked to the folder named "www". These two folders are linked and where your website files should sit if you want them to be seen on the internet. Please use the Public_html folder as your default choice of...

 How do I access my Control Panel (cPanel) for my site?

You can access your cPanel using a variety of methods: Either use the below address: --- or --- There is also a link in your Coblat Web client area to login to your...

 How do I back up a MySQL Database?

You can backup your database two ways. 1. Click on Backup in Cpanel then click on the database name. This will download a gzipped copy to your computer. 2. Use the PHPMyAdmin feature in your control panel by clicking on MySQL and...

 How can I enable CloudFlare?

Cobalt Web is an official hosting provider of CloudFlare. cPanel module allows 1 click activation of CloudFlare with any hosted domain on our servers. CloudFlare Activation Steps: 1. Login to your cPanel account and type "CloudFlare"...